About Michelle

IMG_1049Michelle is an artist and nonprofit professional in Massachusetts. Between working with paper, painting, writing letters, and enjoying the beauty of New England, she assists cultural nonprofits achieve their missions. This is more play than work for her: she thrives off exceeding goals and captivating audiences with stories, compelling calls to action, and inspiring media and printed materials.

Telling stories, capturing moments, and motivating hearts with images and words is Michelle’s passion. She is truly grateful to have found a professional path in life that gives her the privilege of doing what she loves and working with organizations who build and strengthen community through education and public outreach.

Some of Michelle’s most treasured experiences that shaped her life  where in Museums during her teenage years and early twenties while living and studying in Europe. If you ask her for the most memorable of them all, she’ll take a long pause then tell you about the time she was moved to tears while looking at Bernini’s Apollo and Daphne. But then she’ll remember her fifth grade trip to Washington, D.C. and her first experience at the National Museum of Natural History, or her first trip to the Louvre, but then there was that visit to the Charles Dickens Museum too, and the conversation will only evolve further when she asks you, “what Museum experience forever changed your life?”

Do you have a memorable Museum moment you’d love to share? Do you have any questions about Nantucket, nonprofits, coastal New England, or some combination of the three? Are you interested in collaborating with Michelle on a creative project or nonprofit initiative? Please contact her using the form below.