About Michelle

What she loves: rustic, worn-down beauty (think Great Expectations); typography; flats that allow her to jump from cobblestone to cobblestone on the streets of Nantucket’s historic district; Adobe Creative Suite; France and it’s cultural canon; spearheading projects; Japanese merchandise and aesthetics; Italian paper; Philosophy; Renaissance art; the Dutch masters; achieving goals; natural light; beach cottages and mountain cabins; laughter; book and magazine layout; Excel spreadsheets.

What she does: Michelle assists cultural nonprofit organizations achieve their financial goals via contributed revenue. This is more play than work for her: she thrives off exceeding fundraising goals, captivating donors with stories, and plucking at heartstrings to encourage organizational buy-in. To do this, she starts with a heavy analysis of donor data (she loves numbers too) and blank excel spreadsheets, moves on to plotting and charting, then applies all to a strategic call of action. Once the plan is in place she charges on, making connections, stewarding donors, and coordinating exceptional events.

How she orders her coffee: hazelnut latte, whole milk, one shot.

Where she’s heading: metropolitan office setting; traveling for work regularly, spending at least one month a year in Paris, inspiring better business through strategic, imaginative, and artistic services.

Contact: michelle.soverino (at)  gmail.com

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