A recent series of nonobjective works are hanging at the Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street, Nantucket. These paintings are not my usual sketchy and colorful landscapes, but they are full of joy and movement. It’s nice to share a new part of myself with the world. I’m anxious to use the […]

It’s amazing how one little creative act opens up endless possibilities to come—how creativity ignites a chain reaction of ideas and projects. These albums are fruits of that chain and were inspired by mail flip books created for some pen friends. The “Isle of Bute” book was made with a Traveler’s Notebook insert. The other two […]

In January of 2015 I decided to open a new creative door and join the snail mail revolution on Instagram with my account @LettersFromNantucket.  Inspired by the creative force of likeminded folk all over the world, I began making beautiful mail parcels. Documenting my creations in photo and using key hashtags (#snailmailrevolution #mailart #penpals) I created […]

The pressure of summer and the opening of the new Visual Arts Center (yahoo to raising, renovating, and opening Nantucket’s first in less than two years… hence my prominent absence from my personal web page), has left little time to create. So, I’ve turned back to my watercolors and to my inks and have been […]

Here is the quick update: New job as Director of Development here. Like any good endeavor, I’m in deep. But I’m swimming in the deep and loving it. I’ve go much in the works to share with you (how to leave your job and leave it well; package your asks; leverage your social media), but […]

“Philanthropy means, literally, love of humanity. You don’t have to give a million dollars to charity to be a philanthropist. You simply have to actively demonstrate your love of humanity. Your empathy. If the purpose of our creativity is philanthropy — if it is love for our fellow man, an appreciation that people struggle in […]

Change is Hard: Create Your A-Team – Guest Post from the Nantucket Historical Association’s Michelle Soverino Posted by Kristen Gastaldo to Altru on July 1, 2013 Before going live with Altru the Nantucket Historical Association input and stored all of its data in two places: one database that served all its development needs—with a few […]