Creative Work

photo(2)-2Two Dimensional Art:                                        Watercolor, Water Miscible Oils, Ink, Paper

Growing up on Nantucket, Michelle’s art is inspired by the beauty and splendor of nature–from majestic creatures to sweeping horizons, saturated skies to the barren trees in the moors after a burning.

Art has always been part of her expression, and a passion that she has continued to expand through education, cultural exploration, and profound appreciation.

“As I’ve matured in life, my style has slowly emerged and taken shape,” said Michelle. “My work is all about color (even when working with black and white, I build contrast through shades of pen marks, interesting negative spaces, and shadow play). It suggests illustration, and graphic comparison.”

What Michelle creates is a personal reflection of her own joys in life. Light and color are her favorite means of play. Many of Michelle’s works illustrate quiet moments first captured in photo, of secret locations she frequents on long island walks with her dog. Michelle has been greatly influenced through her travels and sojourns overseas; her local island heritage (she is a 13th generation Nantucket native); and the creative traditions of her family: generations of women dedicated to the meticulous detail of needlework and quilling, and a crew of whale-men scrimshawing and carving at sea.

Regarding her passion, Michelle notes, “I create art because I have to. Indeed, the periods in my life when I ignored this biological impulse resulted in personal dismay. I am only whole in existence when I am creating and playing with inspiration and image.”

Michelle is an artists member of the Artists Association of Nantucket, and occasionally shows her work at the organization’s Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, located at 19 Washington Street, on Nantucket island.

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All images are owned by Michelle Cartwright Soverino, and are her original work. Please inquire for use and reproduction using the contact form here.