Weekly Reads

Here is the quick update: New job as Director of Development here. Like any good endeavor, I’m in deep. But I’m swimming in the deep and loving it. I’ve go much in the works to share with you (how to leave your job and leave it well; package your asks; leverage your social media), but until those words move from napkins and the backside of #9 envelopes to digital form, I’m going to share and promote some good reads from fundraising professional for fundraising professionals.

The Secrets Those Top Ten Lists Don’t Tell You: Change Starts With You

The takeaway: Be great by choice, not by chance.

Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

The takeaway: I need to attend.

The Brand-killer You Might Be Inflicting on Yourself

The takeaway: good fundraising does not equal customer service.

Advice for Young Nonprofit Professionals

The takeaway: I’m not the only young development professional suffering a routine existential crisis.

How to Be a Nonprofit Development Director–Charting Your First 100 Days

The takeaway: When I started my new post as DOD, I came in with a 100 day plan. My new boss never read it (the beauty of small nonprofit life: too much to do and too little time–a part of the culture I’d love to change), but the exercise was vital. It had me thinking of the big picture before I was even on the clock. This article would have been a huge help back in November. It’s a huge help today. I’ve this idea that an annual exercise just like this will only enhance and strengthen my development office.