Weekly Reads

Here is the quick update: New job as Director of Development here. Like any good endeavor, I’m in deep. But I’m swimming in the deep and loving it. I’ve go much in the works to share with you (how to leave your job and leave it well; package your asks; leverage your social media), but until those words move from napkins and the backside of #9 envelopes to digital form, I’m going to share and promote some good reads from fundraising professional for fundraising professionals.

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A Donor Bill of Rights

Philanthropy is based on voluntary action for the common good.

My entire professional career (five years in the field and two collegiate internships) has been shaped in the glorious arena of fundraising. From the start of my first internship, I was hooked. I adore working with donors, supporting missions, and strategically planning fundraising initiatives. My first boss recognized this—she was a great, dynamic mentor—and sent me to an AFP’s Fundamentals of Fundraising Course (Boston, October 2009), which provided me with a solid platform to build my practice. The first topic we discussed was the Donor Bill of Rights. Five years later I’ve a laminated copy next to my phone (with all other documents I like to keep on-hand and coffee-stained free). It has become a great reminder of the basics: donors come first. Continue reading A Donor Bill of Rights

Authentic Relations

I highly recommend setting aside a professional development hour for LinkedIn content pursuing. Their contributors are the heavy-hitters of business discourse, and I never suffer “readers remorse.” On the contrary, I’m inspired and spend a few minutes after each read jotting down notes and brainstorming.

One of today’s reads was from business journalist George Anders, “What Low-Key People Can Teach Us.” Pungent excerpts: Continue reading Authentic Relations