Going Postal: Letters From Nantucket

2015-11-17 08.56.53-1

In January of 2015 I decided to open a new creative door and join the snail mail revolution on Instagram with my account @LettersFromNantucket.  Inspired by the creative force of likeminded folk all over the world, I began making beautiful mail parcels. Documenting my creations in photo and using key hashtags (#snailmailrevolution #mailart #penpals) I created connections with the growing mail community, and found my first penpals.

2015-11-07 10.13.33

Sixteen months later, my life has forever changed. I found my tribe on Instagram. A handful of pen pals has evolved into a pack of pen pals—all amazing folk from around the world who I have forged treasured friendships with. We support each other. We treasure each other with beautiful mail art and creations. But of most import, we connect through art. The art of letter writing and the craft of paper writing, my life has been enriched and my spirit encouraged.

Below is a selection of mail in chronological order—to showcase how the art and craft have evolved as I continue to make and share. The magic is in the sending and receiving. The satisfaction is in the making.

2015-02-08 11.32.45-12015-04-24 09.26.142015-04-29 09.26.38-12015-05-07 16.49.05-12015-05-24 14.41.262015-07-25 10.08.47-12015-07-29 07.57.41-12015-08-08 17.39.41-12015-08-10 06.50.512015-08-10 07.05.292015-08-15 15.54.302015-09-06 15.42.13-12015-09-24 08.37.35-12015-10-03 10.41.45-12015-10-06 08.29.56-12015-11-03 08.31.322015-11-06 08.46.17