Memory Albums: Treasured Keepsakes & Gifts

It’s amazing how one little creative act opens up endless possibilities to come—how creativity ignites a chain reaction of ideas and projects. These albums are fruits of that chain and were inspired by mail flip books created for some pen friends.

The “Isle of Bute” book was made with a Traveler’s Notebook insert. The other two were both made as gifts and created completely by hand. The “Paris Album” was made for my sister as a birthday gift. She had traveled to the city to celebrate and I created the album and filled its pages, leaving room for her to add photos and her own small sections of journaling. I packaged it up with phrase stickers, washi samples, and printed out all the photos for her using my polaroid printer.

“Daubs and Dags” was created from scratch to commemorate a friend’s bachelorette weekend on Nantucket. I created the album and embellished before all the girls arrived and left room for everyone to decorate a page or a journaling card and leave a little note. We also left some blank spaces for the Bachelorette to add her own memories and favorite moments.